best gifts from your man

What is the best gift to give your man?

I’m sure you’ve been in a situation where you are having a dilemma what to give your man for Christmas, his birthday, or your anniversary. It really isn’t easy choosing which gift would be best for your man, is it?

Giving gifts is fun and a good way to get to know your man more and he will know more about you too. It will help you understand what he likes, what he needs and what pleases him. He will surely love to receive a watch he’d been eyeing for a while or a game for his Xbox or anything else that he needs. Giving gifts though should not be done to impress – that’s a big no.

Have you read this book?

In choosing a gift to give your man, you have to consider the length and status of your relationship. I think this is essential because you don’t want to be misinterpreted and you only want him to be happy with your gift in whatever status you are in, dating, committed relationship, marriage, etc.

Perhaps you’re only dating for few months, or you’re in a long term relationship, you have to consider this. There’s an article I’ve read from about this. The reason is that it might be hard to know what he would like and what he needs. If you give a funny gift, would he get the humor? If you give something you think is sentimental to him, would he appreciate it?

You have to know what your man is up to and it would be easier to choose a gift for him. Perhaps he is into sports; you can give him something that he can use when playing basketball, tennis, badminton or golf. Or if he goes to the gym, you can give him something he can use to the gym – for example an organic water bottle, a soft towel he can use to wipe his sweat, or workout clothes. If he is into video games, learn what games are available in the market that he might like. The gesture of giving him gifts that he can use to enjoy, better himself will make him aware that you care for his enjoyment.

Men are not that hard to please, they are not like us women who will over analyze everything our man does for us. Gifts that support his mission and where he gets enjoyment from are one of the best gifts for your man.

However, I believe that the best things are not things at all. The best gifts you can give to your man when you’re dating, in a relationship long term or just new together or married is the gift of freedom. Oh, don’t get me wrong. It’s not setting your man free from your relationship. But what I mean with freedom is that giving him the freedom to be himself, to be a masculine man and to have his own choices, to express himself as a man.

In a relationship, we women often forget that a man needs to be himself. We tend to turn them into women and expect too much from them knowing what we want them to do. So I think it’s that time of the year to give your man the gift of freedom to be a masculine man that he is.

So what gift are you giving your man?

dating a bad boy

Dating a bad boy

Have you ever dated a bad boy? Many women seem to be more drawn to dating bad boys than the responsible dude. There are many reasons to this and I don’t know if you’d agree or not. 

So what is a bad boy?

A bad boy’s characteristic is someone who is always on the go for some adventure, someone who is experimental and does not go by the rules all the time, they are confident and always know how to get away with things…

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When bad dates happen

Urgh, that day when you are full of anticipation on your dinner date and it just turned out to be a disaster, could be the worst date yet!

Don’t feel bad, everyone must have had a bad date experience and it’s inevitable. Things happen to good people like what they say. There sure are many women like you and me who’ve had a bad date once or twice in their dating life.

I have this date once; he seems to be great in the beginning. I can feel that we there’s somewhere that we can connect and share interests in life. But he turned out to be super OC. OC in a level that you can’t stand. He even aligned my fork and spoon on the table.

A lot of my friends have told me their bad date experiences. These women are well educated, have achieved so much in their careers and it’s almost comical how they ended up dating a sexist, narcissistic, womanizer, too loud or just a total A.

Bad dates:

Narcissist – Beware of dating this type of guys. All that they will care about is how they look, how they are and what they are. They will talk about themselves and how they take care of themselves all the time and all throughout your date and will even get you to order his favorite meal. If you end up with this guy, your life will be all about how perfect he is.

Womanizer – All this guy will ever care about is your name on his list. Yes his list. He is the type of guy who enjoys talking about how many girls he already had in his bed. Be very careful with him because you might end up broken – they can sometimes be masked as romantic.

Sexist - There is nothing that you could ever do or say to change how this type of a bad date sees the value of women in the society. Be prepared to hear that a woman is only good as a housekeeper and should not be sent to work and be kept at home to take care of the kids and wait for her husband to come home. You may want to have an argument with and might be burning in anger for how unrealistic this man’s views are but you have to keep your cool and stay poised.

Proud – A little different from a narcissist, a proud man is someone who can’t stop boasting about his achievements. How many cars he has, how many chicks he had, how much his paycheck is every month and although not true, you may believe him because he is very consistent. It’s good that you hear about his achievements but not in a way that he seem to be already telling you to praise him. He is also overly confident that you may want to claw your eyes out.

Liar – This is the easiest to detect and the most annoying. You can just easily know that he is lying because none of his stories would actually match the other stories that he will tell you.

There are a lot more worse dates that you must have heard of, perhaps a guy who turned out to be attracted to almost everyone else in the room or someone who is a tech geek and checks his phone every minute.

The best thing to do is just leave when you think that you can’t stay any longer. I mean, there’s really no point in staying any longer because this date is not going anywhere.


I found this funny video on MTV’s Disaster Date Youtube Channel

Every mistake you take, will lead you to your man. That’s how I believe it.

different men to date

Different types of men to date

If you notice there are men who seem to attract almost all girls. For example in a party, there’s this guy who at the moment he walks inside the room, every woman in the place glance his ways even if they’re with a guy. So what types of men attracts women?

Watch this funny video 

If you are looking for a man who will bring you to your happy ever after, you have to know the different types of men to date. I believe that there are only two kinds – the for keeps and the no no.

But there are many types of ‘for keeps’ men, with different appeal to women. It’s like variant flavors to ice creams or sundaes.

Here are five different types of men:

Mr. Intelligent – this type of man wears glasses, dress up casually on regular days and sharply when going to work. He will captivate your heat with his smartness on almost every topic on earth. He has sharp attention to details and somewhat borderline OC.

Mr. Gospel – From the tag itself, he loves the bible and maybe memorize it from cover to back and he is a regular church goer. It could also be that he holds a position in the church or he could be a pastor. Whether you are religious or not you will enjoy his company because he is a pure gentleman and you will admire the purity of his words and his deeds. But no, he is not Jesus and he also has flaws just like any other human so you have to be accepting of that.

Mr. Right – This is the type of man who observes the right way of doing things. For example, table manners, phone etiquette and etc. Don’t think that he is a boring kind of man and lacks sense of adventure. He does love adventure too but would still do things the right way – or the least evil among the options.

Mr. Romantic – You got it right. He is the hopeless romantic type of guy who desires to find that woman he must have referred to as “one true love” or “the one”. He loves using term of endearments, enjoys surprises and presents and believes in magic in love. He won’t have problem with you talking about the concept of true love and how magnificent it is to fall in love.

Mr. Clean Shaven – Yes. He is borderline OC in cleanliness. But not same as this guy in the this commercial…. he just seem to always smell good and observe proper hygiene, don’t you think?

Mr. Sexy Guy – Yes is is oozing with sex appeal but he is not the sex-maniac type of guy. He is just that guy every woman would love to see the beauty of him underneath his clothes.  He goes to the gym regularly and

Mr. Bouncer – No, he doesn’t look like a bouncer, but a sexy cop.  He wants to protect you all the time and seriously takes security and precautions. He will often remind you to lock your house, watch out if someone is tailing you when driving.

Mr Fun – He is outgoing, very social and friends with almost everyone, most especially he can make anyone laugh with a one line joke or an anecdote. He will capture your heart by making you laugh, making every time you spend together full of fun and laughter.

You might find a mix of two or more types in one guy but not all. No one guy has everything. The secret to a lasting relationship is completing each other – this goes to whatever type of men you date.

Most of the time, I don’t already know what type of man is good for me but here’s a good article from my favorite blog about how to know what kind of man is right for you.

Maybe it could be a combination of many types or characteristics, do you feel that way too?

Share with us what type of men you have dated before in the comments section.

single father

Should I date a single father?

A lot of women may be turned off when they find out that that cute guy in the ice cream parlor who waved at them has a child who just asked him to buy a strawberry sundae.  That’s fair though. I mean there’s nothing wrong with that reaction, but let’s not mark him X yet.

Don’t leave yet if you found out that he’s a single father. In all honesty, there are disadvantages in dating a single father like tight schedule, his priorities, her ex wife, jealousy over attention and just freely add more here. Well, if you think he is for keeps, then let’s look at the brighter side.

The biggest advantage of dating a single father is you know that he is a caring, sensitive, and responsible man. You know that you are with a good man. They are also easy to connect and are more open to mostly anything about their lives – especially parenting life. Have you read the book The Single Girl’s Guide to Marrying a Man, His Kids, and His Ex-Wife: Becoming A Stepmother With Humor And Grace by Sally Bjornsen

He’s emotionally mature and looking for a long term relationship. You will also know that he is no longer looking for just a hot chic, but someone he can be in a loving long term relationship. And with the consideration of his child(ren), he is looking for a good woman who can be a model for his kids. I don’t mean to say that you take the role of their mother as soon as possible.

Single fathers can be creative, adventurous and fun to be with. Having kids will bring out the child in you and sure he has developed that sense of creativity, adventure and fun when coming up with just about any idea on how to stop a child from crying, or make their kids happy. So be prepared to be taken out to dinner dates, movie nights but to a weekend camping trip, kids parties, or even school fairs, staycation at home and playing a lot of video games… which are actually really fun.

You will have a chance to practice parenting. This is when you are already in a stable relationship and he has introduced you to his child(ren). You will learn the truths about parenting and will actually develop more of yourself; you can actually start to decide whether you want kids of your own having that experience.

Since a single father doesn’t have the luxury of time like any single man, you have a chance to miss each other. Perhaps you only meet once or twice a week, then every time you meet is even more special. Or if he has shared custody where he only have his children some days on a weekday, you can plan ahead for a weekend together.

Dating a single father has a lot more advantages depending on how you look at things. The only challenge that you will have there is how you can connect to his children because that will be very important for him. As you know, his children are his priority so you should just be open, understanding and be open to him on issues that bothers you.

dating with daughter

Dating with a Daughter

As a single mother, it is a little harder to get into the dating scene again. This is even more difficult when you are a stay-at-home mom and your world revolves around your daughter’s school, home, grocery. The chance of meeting new people is really low.

Watch these top movies about single mothers dating

The difficulty actually comes from not having the time to go out with friends or a time to discover what type of men are there in your city or town. Then your priorities, it is just not in your top 3. Of course the top 3 includes your daughter, your work and yourself.  This is totally understandable!

One thing that hinders a single mother is fear. Fear that there won’t be anyone who will be interested on you, fear that you’ll fail again, fear that he won’t be man enough to accept you and your daughter and there’s so much more fears and issues you are afraid of.

All of these fears are just natural. Every single mother who has considered dating has similar fears. And this is healthy. You are just being practical and putting your interest on top of everything.

But you won’t get anywhere if you won’t help yourself get over these fears. This is another process you have to go through before you jump in and take the plunge. I believe that relationships magnify what we feel inside. So it is important that you have your fears, doubts and insecurities under control first before you plunge into dating. As much as possible you want to avoid a painful experience. I mean, we learn from bad experience but how much pain can one take? Don’t you want hit the jackpot at one shot?

It does take time to get your doubts and fears settled. But I believe it’s all in the mind, and once you’ve changed your mindset everything will change. The way you perceive dating will change, your fears will outweigh your desire to share your value as a woman to a man.

It’s also okay that you are feeling concerned about what you daughter would think it she’d know that you are dating. The truth is, you want to be honest to your daughter. You make her understand that you are lonely and that it would be if you could meet new people. She may not understand it in her age but she will eventually understand your need for someone. You don’t want her to be taken by surprise and discover it from other people. If you tell her and make her understand that your time for her won’t be taken away, then she will trust you and it would be easier to go out without her thinking you are been taken away from her.

And the moment you find a man to date, don’t rush to introduce him to your daughter. Kids actually make bonds easily and you don’t want her to grieve with you if that relationship won’t work out. You have to wait until the relationship is serious and stable. You want to do this because you want to make sure that your child is going to meet a good man.

It is hard to date when you have a daughter but men are drawn to women who have obvious feminine energy and nothing make that more than having a child you can show your motherly care.

dating tips for single mom

Dating tips for single moms

Although you enjoy being a mom, you may not enjoy or got tired being single for a while now and you already feel the need to meet new people in your life. That is good. That means you are ready to meet new people and enter the dating scene once more. It is essential as human that we widen our connections with others because by interactions we learn from these people and we grow.

Here’s a short list of tips on dating

Date when you feel like it not due to pressure. This might not be the third or tenth time you’ve heard your friends or family pushed you to date but don’t get pressured by them. For someone who just got divorced, widowed, or separated, you have to recover first and get healed from the hurts of your past relationship.

Put yourself out there. This is easier said than done and you might find this difficult and most of the times scary, but this is the only way to the dating world. Be fearless. Read this article 

Be upfront about being a single mother. As much as you want this man your dating to be honest with you, you should be honest with him that you are mother. That is to set his expectations and also, what’s better than being honest.

Don’t be easily disappointed. It may not work out with the first man you date. There are many good men out there just waiting to be graced with your feminine energy.

Talk to your kid(s). If you need to be honest with the man you’re dating, you have to be honest with your kids too. You don’t want them to be wondering where you are when you leave them with your sitter.

Check out this book about Single Parent Dating

Don’t be sexual intimate so soon. All those years of sex deprivation might make you jump straight ahead but it is not a good idea to be sexual intimate with the man after several dates. You have to wait to get to know the man besides you don’t want to show up as someone who’s just for that.

Set expectations. Just like you have to let your date know that you have kids, you have to make it an obvious knowledge for her that your child may call you while on a date. Only the right man will understand you.

Keep your standards. It doesn’t mean that you are a single mother you should date just anyone! If you date anyone that makes men feel like you are desperate, and you don’t want that.

Have fun. Above all, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy every new people you meet. Dating again will let bring you new learning and discoveries about yourself.

Finding a man that you can share your dreams, aspirations and growth with is not impossible even if you are a single mom. Actually women with kids are seemingly more attractive to men because this shows that they are responsible and are for keeps.

why men pull away

Why Do Men Really Pull Away and Withdraw from Me?

Remember the time in your relationship when it was all going great for both of you, you spend time together, go out, watch a movie, have dinners for consecutive nights and then he suddenly pulls away? And then all you can think of is, “he doesn’t love me anymore” or “what did I do wrong?” Isn’t that right?

(See article on this at

And what we women do? We confront him, we question his actions, and we make up scenarios and overthink the issue in our head only driving us crazy. We even expect, if not wish, that our man would sit with us and talk about what’s making him pull away so we would know how to help him. But that’s not what a man needs.

By doing all of that over thinking, instead of helping the situation, we end up making the situation worse. There goes our man, pulling even farther. And all we can do now is be angry at him, or blame him.

So why do men pull away one point in a relationship?

I asked that so many times… over and over again but never found the answer until recently. (See Wikipedia Entry on male psychology)

A man loves to spend time and form an emotional bond with the woman he loves. However, spending time to form this emotional bond, stresses a man out. That makes him feel uneasy, unnatural and uncertain of his mission.

Remember that men are hunters, they have a mission to fulfill and if he spends more time with a woman to build that emotional connection that draws him away from fulfilling that. So the only actual way for him to go back to become more masculine is to pull away.

A man doesn’t give so much attention on how his actions make a woman feel. Relationship is not their “thing”. It’s enough for them that their feelings are known to you and won’t actually spend so much effort in forming bond or connection in short, being emotional. Don’t get me wrong, a man falls in love deeply to the right woman.

As much as we want him to be consistently spending time or attention with us, he can’t. He has a mission to fulfill and wants his freedom to do be able to do that.

What you should do when a woman pulls away?

If you found that your man pulls away, first relax! He is not breaking up with you.

Like I said he just needs his freedom to fulfill his mission. That is the one single thing you should remember when your man pulls away.

Give him the space and freedom that he needs. He is more likely to stick with you if you make him experience more of his freedom and you let him be a masculine man. And when he comes back from pulling away, be open to accepting him. But this doesn’t mean that you just have to suppress the hurt that you felt, you can let him know how you felt.

This is a good way for you both to come with better understanding of each other.

Like how you want to be when you are feeling down for no reason. You know, those hormonal episodes we have that drives men crazy, too. ☺

I think that as a woman in the relationship, we play a big role on how the relationship would result to. I don’t mean that we hold the upper hand, that’s a totally different thing which I don’t actually believe in. What I mean is, we have to be more open or put more effort in understanding a man’s psychology rather than judging him, coming up assumptions.

If you give your man the gift of understanding and freedom he will surely commit to you more.